We are responsible for all our thoughts and feelings.

This is the 3rd principle on which this Loving Relationship Circle is based.

We take on a lot of responsibility in our work life, family life and social life in general. We were taught to do so, and see it as important and valuable.

Taking responsibility for our own thoughts and feelings does not seem important, sensible or easy, because we were taught to believe that someone or something causes what we think and feel and must be held responsible for it. With this perspective we are not free at all, but at the mercy of others and of outside circumstances. This is a very scary perspective, and results in much fear and worry.

A Course in Miracles clearly states that nobody and nothing can make me think or feel the way I do. I am the one who is choosing what to think and feel all the time. It has taught me to take responsibility for my own thoughts and feelings and so free myself and others. This lifts the burden of guilt that is weighing so heavily on every one’s shoulders. It may sound too good to be true, but by taking this responsibility back to myself more and more during the last two decades of my life, I can verify that it works excellently. It has brought me more lasting peace than any defence ever did, and many glimpses of the Love that I really am. It works like a blessing instead and is always received, even if subconsciously.

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